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Trojan Condoms – 6 Reasons to Consider Safer, More Pleasurable Condoms

The best selling condoms in the world are Trojan condoms. Unfortunately for the sex lives of many men and women, buying and using Trojan condoms is often not the best decision. If you don’t know about all of the options that are out there, you could be missing out on getting the most out of your sexual experience. There are other condoms that are consistently rated higher by users buy condoms online, men’s magazines, women’s magazines and independent studies. These other condoms are typically thinner, and thereby offer intense pleasure, yet due to recent science and engineering advances, these thinner condoms are stronger and less prone to breakage. This means you really can have the ultimate combination in pleasure and reliable protection from pregnancy and disease.

Here are 6 reasons you should consider buying condoms other than Trojans at your local convenience store:

1. Many users do not rate many types of Trojans high for pleasure.
2. Lab testing shows there are other condoms that are stronger and more reliable than many types of Trojans. For instance, Trojan-Enz received only a “fair” rating for reliability by Consumer Reports.
3. According to women’s magazines and user reviews, many women tend to prefer the feel of non-Trojan condoms (yes the feel of the condom does matter to the woman!).
4. You can get access to the best condoms in the world by buying online. It also saves you from the embarrassment of paying for your condoms in the checkout line. Order online and they are shipped privately directly to you. It’s cheaper too!
5. Many people complain of the strong latex smell associated with many types of Trojan condoms.
6. Adult film stars generally do not use Trojans (and they are the experts!).